This picture is taken near Helsingør, Denmark

The year 2020 is unforgettable for many reasons but it turned out to be the best year for me as a Java Developer. Like many of us, I am a fan of making new year resolutions. This year, my new year resolution list also included making at least one contribution to Open Source Software. Little did I know, how it will really shape my year ahead.

It all started with an internal online meeting we had at my company where we were introduced to the three Java Champions, Donald Raab, Chandra Guntur and Nikhil Nanivadekar. …

Top view of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark taken in 2012

Eclipse Collections provide a way to create both Mutable and Immutable Map with its rich Map API. Recently I worked on Eclipse Collections creating new methods on both MutableMap and ImmutableMap.

Eclipse Collections already has MutableMap.withMap method which allows merging a MutableMap with any JDK Map and returns a MutableMap. I contributed a similar method ImmutableMap.newWithMap to ImmutableMap API. I also added ImmutableMap.newWithMapIterable method so that a user can merge any MapIterable type which includes MutableMap and ImmutableMap as well. The new methods return a new ImmutableMap because it is created only once and it does not have a put…

This has been such a turmoil this year with covid-19, I decided to pen down my adventures from the past. It certainly feels weird not being able to go out or travel anymore. I have been privileged enough to be able to travel around the world and explore all the places with depth and sanity.

I am a big fan of the North. It is just because I love winters. I appreciate the sun but I am born to enjoy the warmth from the fire burning from the fireplace or the cozy sweaters or the sun rays falling through the…

Neha Sardana

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